Whether we stride towards Madison or stagger one more purchased election nearer the Apocalypse, Matthew Grimm has got the marching tune. Give this a listen. It’s just a demo, but needs to find an audience prior to the Recall Governor Scott Walker election in Wisconsin on Tuesday. Fist raised and fingers crossed. Holler to your friends up North and have them watch this. NOW!

Music and lyrics by Matthew Grimm, who can be your friend if you’d like to click upon him here.

Enemy, by Matthew Grimm: 

Look at all those people out there in the cold
With a single voice like thunder from the skies
It’s as if no one listened when they spoke in indoor voices
Like they lacked the graft or lobbyists to be heard otherwise
You call them malcontents and radicals and troublemaking scum
Who should just grow up and learn life isn’t fair
Except they’re mothers and they’re fathers and they’re students and they’re workers
All with better things to do than ask for what’s already theirs

If your enemies are social workers, EMTs and file clerks
If your enemies are librarians and road crews
If your enemy is everyone who works every day instead of
Gaming debts and savings of people who do
If your enemies drive buses and plow frozen highways,
Fix bridges and make the cities run
If your enemies are firefighters, teachers and nurses
Your enemy is everyone

Look at all those people struggling to survive the toxic jungle
Your corporate lords have made of the Earth
They write your policies and ads, tell us fortune favors predators
Who then presume to dictate what our labor’s worth
You call us parasites and looters and, god forbid, progressives, Who should
learn our place and that life isn’t fair Yet making
life fair’s kind of the point of a society
And maybe till it is we won’t be going anywhere

  1. And here I thought this topic wasn’t interesting enough for a blog!HB, I suspected that there would be many Roxanne’s in Iran, as my name is Persian in origin, is it not? Meaning &##8&0;dawn228221; I think … I’m going to pass on your images to Adam, thank you for sharing and for your well wishes… And I never thought of my logo as a focus for energy – maybe even a point of meditation. Brilliant!Sledgey – I am glad to hear that someone who has known me as long as you sees the true me in these blog images and colours. Lucky for me you listen to the universe

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