Panza Verde: Panza Verde is the best hotel in town. There are only 12 rooms, 8 of which have working fire- places, and the feel is very homey - if you grew up in the home of a multi- millionaire with impeccable taste. Each room has the finest bedding and linens and either a beautiful bathtub or jacuzzi. The only problem with visiting Antigua and staying at Panza Verde is that you’ll be tempted to stay in the hotel and you’ll never see the town. Panza Verde also has one of Antigua’s most elegant restau- rants and great views from the roof terrace.
5th Avenue South, #19.
7832-2925 Antigua

El Hostal: El Hostal is an excellent choice for either their private rooms (they have 6) or one of their two dormitories. They have a very comfortable courtyard, breakfast is included, there’s free WiFi and the owners, Clay and Gaby will make you feel immediately at home. Our favorite feature: the honor system beer cooler.
1st Ave, between 5th and 6th.
7832-0442 Antigua

Earth Lodge:: 20 minutes from Antigua, Earth Lodge is the perfect get away. They’ve got cheap dorm rooms, even cheaper tent spaces (they rent tents if you left yours back home) and amazingly romantic cabins - including a few tree houses that you can make sway anyway you’d like. Great food, views and hiking at your disposal.

5664-0713 El Hato