Jarachick Hostel, The Buddha Bar, El Barrio - San Pedro: San Pedro is pretty easy to navigate if you know what you’re doing - so listen up: Lodging: Jarachik Hostal, walk from the main dock up the hill to your first left. Take it, walk down past the stinky pile of coffee and businesses on this side of town. Hang a right on the path just past the tienda - follow signs or ask directions. Remember, it’s called Jarachik - and it is the best price / most fun lodging in San Pedro. For food and booze there are a few great options - our suggestions, The Buddha Bar and El Barrio - both of which are on the same side of town as Jarachik. El Barrio has the best hamburgers in Guatemala, hands down.

San Pedro

Club Ven Aca - Jaibalito: Jaibalito is just 10 minutes from the Pana dock, but the feeling is a million miles from any trouble in the world. The PERFECT place to enjoy the lake is Club Ven Aca’. They’ve got an infinity pool, jacuzzi, a private dock and a truly superior restaurant - they’re closed Mondays and Tuesdays, but if you’re at the lake do not miss the Sunday Brunch.

5051-4520 Jaibalito

Posada de Santiago - Santiago de Atitlan: Santiago isn’t sprawled out, drunk across the Gringo Trail like so many other towns around the lake. As such it is a town, mostly indigenous, that can provide you a view of life in Guatemala in ways that Antigua (or San Pedro) never can. As it is less traveled, there are fewer amenities - but fret not, just outside of town is the best hotel on the lake - Posada de Santiago. The rates are incredibly reasonable, too. Sauna, Pool, Hot Tub, Private Cabins, Gourmet Food. Good luck finding as good a deal anywhere on the lake.

7721-7366 posadasantiago@gmail.com Santiago de Atitlan