<br />La Cuadra Online and La Cuadra Magazine encourage readers who can write to submit their articles. Our policy is to not comment on submissions unless they are to be used either online or in print. This is because we have lots of friends who think they can write but should, in actuality, have the pen taken from their hand, broken in half and shoved into their eyes. Or, because we don’t have space. If you have submitted anything in the past and have not seen it in the magazine, it’s the space thing – not the pen in the eye thing. Assuredly.

Also, while we’re pretty free-form as to what we’ll publish, take some note of our regular features. We publish short fiction, several columns of creative non-fiction, travel writing, straight reporting and special commentaries. One area that we would like to focus upon more in the future is political and historical analysis of events around the world, but are more given to considering stories that focus on Latin America.

We were once asked by a friend what our criteria were for submissions. I looked at John, then back at our friend, and said, “We like writing that doesn’t suck.” That kinda covers it. And all smart-assed joking aside, we really are looking forward to La Cuadra Online being a vehicle through which we can reach out to a world of writers beyond Guatemala and our colleagues back in the States. Please, send us what you’ve got. We know there’s talent abounding.

Currently, we are broke and unable to provide any payment for stories, but would be glad to buy you booze if you make it down to Café No Sé. Also, we are NOT above bribery. Make us an offer we can’t refuse.


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