<br />George Yepes

George Yepes earned a degree from California State University, Los Angeles, in business administration. He also took painting classes at East Los Angeles City College and worked both as an accountant and a muralist.

Yepes is a former member of East Los Streetscapers, a group of mural painters active from 1979 to 1985. He has exhibited in 12 solo and 45 group shows at venues that have included the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Sitges-Barcelona Olympics Exhibit. He has designed more than 30 public murals as well as an album cover for Los Lobos, a Grammy Award-winning music group from East Los Angeles. Yepes established the Academia de Arte Yepes, the first free mural academy for young students in Los Angeles.  For more info, visit www.georgeyepes.com

nabolom-bottlesNa Bolom

Na Bolom is an interactive complex that houses a museum, cultural centre, guest house, restaurant, artisan center and research facilities in an historic monument originally built to house a religious seminary in 1898. The center  operates with a multinational staff of 35 people and an international volunteer program.

It is located in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas.

For more information visit www.nabolom.org.

The photograph is a small sampling of the many, many mescal bottles Frans knocked back in his time there.  It is clear to us that he was a man who knew how to live as a friend to the Agave.

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John Rexer, the founder and editor of La Cuadra Magazine, expatriated himself from Los Estados about 12 years ago because he couldn't stand seeing his city, New York, lobotomized by the metastasizing sameness of WalMart America and didn't have a pillow large enough to Chief Bromden the place out of it's misery. After knocking around Mexico for a while he landed in Antigua, Guatemala - broke but certain about the decision to stay out of the States. Without much of a backup plan he opened Café No Sé (with a rusty credit card) on a residential street, in this sleepy, third-world, colonial town with the intention of creating the best bar in the known universe. For those of you who've been through Antigua, you know he succeeded. Primary mission accomplished, a few years later John started "creatively transporting" mezcal from Oaxaca into Guatemala with the intention of creating a multi-national company that would deliver the finest agave spirits to the citizenry of the world. That company, Ilegal Mezcal, is currently selling its booze around the globe. La Cuadra Magazine, an idea hatched a decade ago in a booze fueled bitch session with current Editor-in-Chief, Mike Tallon, is actually just the first step in larger plan to develop a publishing company that will create a genius literary movement in this new century in much the same way that Ferlinghetti's City Lights project launched the Beat Movement of the 1950s. Writ short, his aspirations are as big as his liver. Or, as Mike has noted on a number of occasions, John Rexer puts the "messy" back in "Messianic."