youngjackIt has been a while since the last issue of La Cuadra hit the streets. Some may have presumed that we folded, or went dormant, or – those who know us better – may have assumed we’d just passed out after a very long night and not yet banished the hangover to wherever it is that hangovers go to die.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

When we started this magazine little over a year ago we never expected that it would have taken on its current dimensions, nor that it would have brought so much feedback.  Some of it remotely positive.

So, after the last issue we decided to retool the project, develop a cleaner design and bring in a crack team of writers, editors and advisors.

What showed up were drunks, ne’er-do-wells, three call girls and a monkey.

Hookers, monkeys and ne’er-do-wells in tow, we also gave serious consideration to what kind of magazine we hoped to produce.  We discussed the virtues and costs of trying to keep the material “local” or at least focused on Central America.  We discussed developing in the direction of serving as a guide for visitors to our town.  We discussed going more political.  We discussed going more satirical.

In the end we decided to move in none of those directions.  Rather, we’ve decided to keep a few goals in mind.  First, we want to produce a magazine that we, ourselves, would want to read.  Second, with each article or column, we either want to make you think or make you laugh, sometimes both.  With our Best Bets section, we hope to call your attention to a few hotspots in town that we really like.

As a result, the magazine is, in some ways, all over the place – and we’re alright with that.  Let us know what you think.

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About the Author

Michael Tallon, Editor-in-Chief, head writer and delivery boy, of La Cuadra Magazine, expatriated from the States 11 years ago. After spending a year in Antigua gasbagging about wanting to start an English Language magazine, he hit the road and wandered about South America, India and Nepal before finding himself sipping tea in Darjeeling and realizing that maybe it was time to head home and pick up the career path. That ill-fated adventure in New York lasted about 6 weeks before he headed back to Antigua, Guatemala, where John Rexer had actually started the magazine in his absence.

After a few months, Mike took over the magazine and has been going slowly broke since. On that note, Mike would like to invite advertisers, readers and potential patrons to send him free money.