Little Stories, New Poems by Michael Chrisman.
Little Stories, New Poems by Michael Chrisman.

We here at La Cuadra Magazine are enormously proud to announce the publication of Little Stories, New Poems by Michael Chrisman. Mike has been part of the family over here for years. He is an invaluable source of editorial acumen and direction. He has also filled our pages with his brilliant verse, something we hope he will continue deigning to do after ascending to the stratosphere of the millionaire poet’s lifestyle.

Mike’s poetry has long reminded me of another great voice of this generation’s billet of bards, Billy Collins. They both can bring the reader to the edge of the world, and then snap the trap shut so quickly that one transits from being lost in the moment to being enlightened as if by a universal truth. Time and time again when I read Mike’s poetry it is as if I experienced the deep, spiritual equivalent to the lightbulb-over-the-head bit from the Saturday morning cartoons of my youth.

The talent to write with such strength and grace, such steel and velvet, begins early and must be honed over decades. I am personally grateful to my friend for sticking it out through the hard parts: the rewrites, the dark alleys with no escape, the loneliness of the writer’s carrel when the witch has your soul and you’d far prefer to be down at the bar sharing a tankard with a friend – yet, you just have no choice but to keep fighting for the words. Thank you, Michael. What we get here in Little Stories is the result of five decades of dedication to the craft and damn near seven decades of observing this shining blue marble of a planet with a refined and ever-opening eye.

Every damn world is a gem.

Please consider picking up a copy for yourself or someone you love.

Here is a link to an audio file of Mike reading one of my favorites, Before the Big Bang, and after. 

The eBook has links to audio files for each of the poems.

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After a few months, Mike took over the magazine and has been going slowly broke since. On that note, Mike would like to invite advertisers, readers and potential patrons to send him free money.