The Editors of La Cuadra Magazine are an amorphous, decentralized, anarcho-syndicalist, death-defying, sobriety-challenging, non-gender-specific collective of bastards. They seek justice, truth, light in the darkness, love, hope and bars that do buy-backs on principle.

Dave Ivey is one of the eagle-eyed editors of La Cuadra Magazine. He lives and works with the woman who divorced his sorry ass in Antigua, Guatemala. We love him very much.

Lois Dengrove, one time stand-up comedian and life long storyteller, lives and works in Los Angeles. Every few months she sends us another mind-bending story and we love her for it.

Otto-Raúl González, one of the greatest Latin American poet of the 20th Century, was born in Guatemala in 1921 and died in Mexico in 2007. His passionate work, particularly in his book Diez Colores Nuevos, or Ten New Colors, presses at the limits of linguistic potential. We are honored that his family has granted permission for La Cuadra to publish some of his work.

We hope, through Dyslexia Books Publishing, to have a new edition of Ten New Colors available in the coming months.