Nothing was something then,

with us stuffed into that point

like Mayans on a chicken bus,

college kids in phone booths,

Times Square New Year’s Eve,

with memories of our eternity

together, and photographs,

prom corsages, Mom’s recipes,

before we heard

it was the nanosecond to get

on with it.

                 We’d been there

forever, but when it changed,

it seemed like no time at all.

“Don’t go!” we wanted to shout,

too far, too late.

And now we’re oxygen and sea crabs,

gold dust and matchboxes, acorns and fools,

torn from where we shared

each other – spirit and quark –

by time, distance, everything …

with every force in every atom

still longing for the point.

If you would like to buy the book, Little Stories, New Poems by Michael Chrisman, please click the link below. The book will be available as an e-publication in the coming weeks. We’ll let you know!

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Little Stories, …

Michael Chrisman


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About the Author

Michael Chrisman is an American expat from New England who has been living, writing and creating music around Antigua since 2008. We're beyond lucky to have him as our lead editor here at La Cuadra, but his truest talent lies in the poet's pen. We encourage you to pick up a copy of his book, Little Stories, by following one of the links above. Mike has also rewritten the Bible and we're hoping to have that available in 2016. Pretty neat, huh?