In the beginning was the Energy,

and the Energy was with God,

and the Energy was God.

John 1:1, revised


Every atom in our bodies —

I mean people,

snakes, quartz, amoebas,

cornhusks, crayfish, the Crab Nebula —

and every subatomic particle

in hibiscus flower, baseball bat,

plasma screen, octopus,

dust mote, Halley’s comet — and the energy

hooking those atoms together,

from here to the South Pole

to far beyond the Pole Star …

all was in one place once

at the beginning — all of it.

Such a tiny place.

Imagine that:  you in there,

with that girl you liked in sixth grade,

and Yankees with Red Sox,

Nazis and gypsies,

up with down,

plus Time squeezed in sideways

waiting the signal to count

those atoms’ vibrations

and measure the energy’s waves,

and later the ocean’s,

and angels dancing on a pin . . .

all waiting a signal to start,

though there was no start

or finish or during;

no before, no after, no when,

no never, no if . . .

until the creator decided, OK,

let’s take this thing out

on the road and see

what it can do.


That was God, back then

(though there was no then) —

greater than any can imagine —

and despite claims from rival factions

who say they believe one thing,

and have shown readiness

to kill anyone who says otherwise,

that’s still God today,

until you prove me wrong.


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About the Author

Michael Chrisman is an American expat from New England who has been living, writing and creating music around Antigua since 2008. We're beyond lucky to have him as our lead editor here at La Cuadra, but his truest talent lies in the poet's pen. We encourage you to pick up a copy of his book, Little Stories, by following one of the links above. Mike has also rewritten the Bible and we're hoping to have that available in 2016. Pretty neat, huh?